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This mode plots the coverage of one or more fixed Units to a defined mobile Unit, producing the radio coverage plots for an area in X-Y rather than radial mode. This produces a constant defined (pixel) resolution over the area. There are a number of different aspects to the operation of this feature which...-R Genomic regions to plot (tss, tes, genebody, exon,…) -C Bam file or a configuration file for multiple plot -O Name of output Argument Explanation -AL Algorithm to normalize coverage vectors (spline or bin) -GO Gene order algorithm (total, hc, max,…) -FL Fragment length (eg. fragment size from experiment) Jul 28, 2010 · A ratio plot was assigned such that gains in DNA copy number at a particular locus are observed as the simultaneous deviation of the ratio plots from a modal value of 1.0, with the blue ratio plot showing a positive deviation (to the right) while the red ratio plot shows a negative deviation at the same locus (to the left).